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Thinking about the future

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Once you reach this stage, your expenses are starting to go down, and savings can really start to build. Your career’s more settled and your kids are older. You might want to help pay for their education or when they get married, as well as giving them something towards their first home.

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Retirement Planning

No-one likes to think about getting older, but it’s now that you need to make sure your retirement will be a comfortable one. Start saving for a pension if you’ve not already or see if you can put all the pension pots you’ve got from moving jobs together.

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You could be looking to move to your ‘forever home’ or buy a second property to rent out or use as a holiday getaway.

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Savings & Investments

You might have received a good bonus or redundancy pay-out from work, or a generous inheritance from a deceased family member and need to invest a lump sum, or perhaps you want to save a regular amount for when you retire. Either way, these options could be what you need.

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